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Written by Kirk   
Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Like last year it was hot and the new course was just as long (29 miles) and had many of the familiar elements - bridges, logs, water x-ings, single track galore. These trails are some of the best in the area and I much rather ride them than race them but a race is a race and this one hurt but was worth it!

 From what I could tell some one got there front wheel in the rut at the start and went down. It was to my left and out of my way so no worries. I immediately got on the wheel of my good bud Ransom - knowing he would most likely whop my ass - there were a few other guys with me at the front - none of who I knew since most of my buds now race in the Elite/Pro cat. for cash prizes.

After a few minutes Ransom fell behind (the beast was on a single speed) and I grabbed the wheel of some guy from Shirks Team. There was a lot of follow the leader going through the first few miles of single track. Wheel touching and some foul tempers. I though these guys should RELAX it's 29 miles and we on mile 2!

After the testosterone subsided the field stretched out and for quite some time I was the man. Out in front on my own - this is why I race - every one in a while I get in front and that just plezzes me like nothing else! But then Ransom passed me on this log shortcut thing and off he went. A few minutes later I caught up with him again and tried to pull off an attack on this short gravel road section. You see - I thought to myself - Ransom has no gears and can only go so fast until he runs out of spin. I'll just motor on this road section and put some space between us. So I did that and it worked for some time but he and the Shirks guy caught up and I cramped up because I was thinkin' and not drinkin'. BTW: There were many water stops along the course and one BEER stop

So this is the part of the race where you know who's in front and who's in the back and those back guys need to stay there! You start catching up with folks from the other classes that went off before you. I caught up with another bud of mine Josh. He though I was in the lead but I informed him of Ransom. I then cramped up real bad while going over this root section. Told Josh to go ahead. I was in pain but kept going. I noticed some other guys off their bikes crying for their mommies. I decided just to finish off all liquid I had in hopes it would kick in.

 After about 10 minutes of total pain - the spasms subsided and I felt nix besser. Hebe the animal from the Vet2 class caught up to me and I let him pass. There were a few others catching up and I started getting NERVOUS. I chased Hebe through this strange twisted single track section that never seemed to end. We came out into a field and there was this Guys dude bent on passing so I let him go. He said something about not wanting this to be a sprint finsih? Well, I didn't much feel like debating with him so I opened up the reserve cells and accelerated away from him and the other guys with him. Hebe saw I was on a mission and encouraged me to GO!

This is the home stretch. I'm alone again 3 miles to the finish and those giant water faucets they turn on for us. Like The BOSS says in his song: "Can't see nothin' in front of me Can't see nothin' coming up behind..." I bring it on in in 3rd place with a time of 2 hours and 27 minutes.

For all my efforts I went home with a pint glass with a big "3rd" Place in yellow printed on one side and a can of Acceleraide drink mix. Ironic - isn't it?


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