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Written by Kirk   
Thursday, 19 July 2007

It was a great trip and I have to thanks my wife and kids for letting me take a few days off to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Portland Oregon. The accommodations where excellent! I ate well, slept well (drank well) and rode everywhere. I even threw on some road tires and Vince and one of his buds took me on a hell of a road ride and looking back I didn't mind the few wrong turns ;)



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The trip coincided with the completion of my custom mountain bike frame from Drew of Engin Cycles in Philly. I had two days to break the bike in at home before shipping it out there. Read my review of the bike here: Engin 29er Review

I can sum up Portland in three words: BIKES, DOGS, BEER. Bikes are everywhere and the city is VERY bike friendly. I saw a construction guy riding his bike to work as well as nurses, students, business folk – it was like the Village People on bikes! Everyone seems to have a dog. My sister has two – one is a little off - and dogs are welcome in many outdoor restaurants like the Lucky Lab.

That leads me to the beer – Portland has many small brewpubs and breweries. I was riding through the city on my way to Forest Park when this smell hit me. I looks around and saw a plume of steam rising from a nearby building. I floated over towards the smell "Bugs Bunny" style and noticed in block letters "Bridgeport Brewing Co". I stuck my head in the door and there where a few guys standing around a huge kettle in full boil. They looked over at me and I just said "smells great!" – they told me to come back (it was 7AM) later for a sample of last months batch. I never got back there but my Sis threw a shindig in my honor where all they guests were required to bring a six pack of Portland Beer. Thanks Kerri!

Below are TOPO GPS maps I created of some of the rides I did out there. When I churned through the data I couldn't believe I logged over 250 miles and 24,000 feet of climbing!  To see the non-bike photos – click here: Portland OR

Next time I will ride Mt. St. Helens "Ape Canyon" as well as "Surveyors Ridge" out near Hood River and I'll bring the Fam along too. And Vince, I'll bring my road bike!

Overview of all my riding in the Portland area. About 250 miles worth.
Forest Park Ride #2 - 8500 feet of climbing - 50 miles
North end of Forest Park. I decended on the left and then had a hard time finding the climb. One I did - it hurt. 1000 ft in 1 mile.
Looking southeast on Forest Park ridge towards Portland.
The first ride I did one my bike got there. A simple 12 mile ride contained 1600 ft. of climbing. Portland is not flat!
Extinct volcano - Powell bute. Nice paved trail getting out there. Dense singletrack to open field fireroads.
3D View of Powell Bute
How does one cross water w/o a bridge on a bike? Ferries!
Road ride overview. Notice the two wrong turns. The 2nd half of the ride had all the hills - ouch!

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