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Written by Kirk   
Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Sample Image The reason Fall is my favorite season is because it's finally cool enough to race and no better way to race than to do it anaerobically through cyclocross! This year there are more cross racing then I can remember. With two local series - MAC and MABRA plus the US Grand Prix, PA Cyclocross, and many small races peppered throughout the next few months - there are multiple races every weekend. Click here for full Photo Index


Here is a rundown on what I have been through so far: 

 Highland Park (11/11/07)

 Sample Image OUCH! - that's what I was thinking as I sat on the trainer warming up before the race. Not sure what was up with the legs this day but racing was not. I lasted barely one lap with the main group and then the engine died. The course was great - I was spent! 24th - Masters Elite 35+

 Beacon (11/10/07)

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 This race is different than most cross races due to the high sand content and the fact that 90% of the course is very fast while the remaining 10% is a ampitheatre run up (the steps are almost 3ft high), a sand vollyball court and a sand beach. This was my best MAC finish this year (11th) and I paid for it the next day. 11th - Masters Elite 35+

 Spring Mountain (11/3/07)

 Sample Image A race on my home turf of Spring Mountain and local boy makes out good with one little victory. Hebe was there and was leading for the first half until he rolled his tire. I cought up with him as he ttok a new bike from the pit and opened up a gap that I maintained until the finish. 1st Masters 35+

Nittany Lion Cross (10/28/07)

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 I won this last year - so I had a goal to win again this time around but Sean from Evo put in a good fight and at the end I attempted to out sprint him - if I just had a few more meters... I did however win the Dura-Ace wheel set raffle!2nd - Masters 35+

 Lehigh Valley Velo-Cross (10/27/07)

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 The first mud race of the season at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome grounds. It poured up until my race started and conditions were OK despite the rain. Hebe and Evo Sean out powered me the whole race. I spent the night cleaning and picking mud out from unmentionable places.3rd - Masters Elite 35+

Wissahickon Cross - MAC UCI2 (10/21/07)

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 Very hot day - very fast race. I had a great start and stayed up front until the 3rd lap where I drifted back a bit. The Elite 'A' race was one of the best I ever watched and the beer wasn't so bad either.15th - Masters Elite 35+

Granogue Cross - MAC UCI1 (10/20/07)

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The first MAC race of the year and despite my attempts to stay with the leaders I succumbed to my lack of VO2 training. The after race burritos were excellent but the beer ran out early.14th - Masters Elite 35+

Whirlybird 'Cross (10/07/07)

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 New venue for this year at Bryn Athyn College on an old air field that must have been farmed at some point because the terrain was as bumpy as all @#$%. The 85 degree weather added to the challenge. Hebe and Evo Sean kept in front - out of my reach. This was the first time a helicopter made an appearance in a cross race. 3rd - Masters Elite 35+

Stony Run Cyclocross (10/06/07)

  A very small event out in Lancaster (Denver, PA) - I signed up for the Elite race thinking I could stick it out for 60 minutes. Well, I only had to race against two or three others so it was a fairly easy win - I even got a trophy and some gas $$$. 1st - Elite

Hillbilly Hustle.2 (09/29/07)

 Sample Image Part of the NJ series this race was a bit larger this year. New for this year was a large mound of dirt before the barriers. Joe Reynolds and the Quaker guys had set up a fun power course with a few meters of single track twists thrown in for fun. I followed Evo Sean until the very end where I attacked and took 2nd. Ralf kept his 1st place position until the end - it was like chasing a rabbit - the closer you get to Ralf - the faster he goes. 2nd - Masters Elite 35+

NJ State Fair Summercross (08/11/07)

Sample Image  This year they added an elimination type race in where you worked your way up to the final race. You did two laps of the BMX style grandstand course and if you 1st or 2nd - moved up. Well, I made it to the final elimination round and it took me like 6 rounds to get there. I had nothing left. After all that I then did the 'normal' elite race. After all that I ate everything the NJ State fair had to offer and lost 5 pounds the next day.  Place 9th - Elite
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